Ep. #100: Energy Archaeology and the Earth Star Chakra with Ashley Stinson

Ashley Stintson energy archaeology

“Our bones hold pretty much the entire record of everything. They’re our scaffolding.”

Ashley Stintson is an energy worker who does energy archaeology. She is a Reiki Master in the Usui Reiki lineage and has independently studied and sought mentorship in quantum field work, ancestral lineages, past lives, lost parts, and karmic disruptions. Energy Archaeology arose from this, as well as guidance she receives during sessions. 

“[The earth star chakra] really sets up the foundation as to how our skeleton flows. It holds a lot of data about our current incarnation.” 

My amazing friend Kathleen (who I recently interviewed on the podcast for a second time - check that out here) recommended I reach out to and work with Ashley and I’m so glad I did! She did an energy archaeology reading for me and I’ve joined several of her group energy work sessions — all have been super powerful!

“We’re digging things out. We’re releasing patterns and programs and the stuff that’s been buried for a really long time that we’re holding our bones that we might not even realize we’re holding.”

She joined me on the Living Open podcast this week to dive deep into energy archaeology and the Earth Star chakra. In this episode, we talk about:

  • The mind-body-energy connection

  • What energy archaeology is

  • The 4 categories of bones and which bones are what

  • All things Earth Star chakra

  • Past lives and ancestral trauma in the bones

  • Personal and collective healing work on an energetic level

  • The different Earth Star grids we connect with

  • Grounding & creating containers for energy work

  • Fire energy in our bones

  • Stepping into her power as a facilitator of energy and healing, and more.

“I don’t feel like my way is the right way. I don’t feel like their way is the right way. I feel like it takes everyone’s magic.” 

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