Ep.#104: Grief as Teacher, Tarot for Self and Community Care, and Herbal Medicine with Asali Earthwork

Asali Earthwork Living Open podcast

“I brought myself to the table in these relationships in a way I hadn’t before because instead of waiting for them to tell me who I am, I told them who I was….tarot has been the vessel for a complete shift in my life.”

Asali Earthwork is a Black queer femme community healer and earthworker and a Libra/Aquarius/Sag spirit. Asali is truly magic! They make tarot teas and do tarot readings and have been writing for Little Red Tarot for forever, which is how I found them, so it was such an honor to have them on the show!

“Because I take care of myself…I can be myself and be a vessel for something else.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Creating intentional communities

  • Being seen

  • Tarot as self-care and community care

  • Using the tarot to work through grief

  • Ancestral work and the pattern they’re working on healing

  • Being an earthworker

  • Rosemary as a tool to bring you back to yourself

  • Honey as medicine

  • Dreamwork

  • The medicine of the swords

  • Libra energy (since we’re both Libra suns!)

  • Aries energy as the polar energy to Libra

  • The Emperor

  • The Death card

  • Working with the literal meanings of cards, and more. 

“Because I have a spiritual connection to myself now. And so in that way, I’m able to have a spiritual connection to [my mother] and ancestors and tap into that as a place of power, not just pain.”

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