Ep. #77: Creative Entrepreneur, Breathwork Facilitator, and Acupuncturist Amy Kuretsky on Running a Spiritual Business, the Power of Breathwork, and Holding Space for Healing

Amy Kuretsky Health Fuels Hustle

Today’s guest is Amy Kuretsky, a wellness coach for mind, body, and business!

As a creative entrepreneur herself, she doesn’t believe that you have to choose between your health and your hustle. Her work is focused on helping female-identified and non-binary business owners heal what needs healing - whether that’s their anxiety and limiting beliefs one day or their business model the next. 

When she’s not leading breathwork or reading tarot she’s co-owning Constellation Acupuncture & Healing Arts - a busy Chinese medicine clinic in downtown Minneapolis, leading wellness retreats in Joshua Tree CA, and hiking in the woods with her dog, Juniper.

“I firmly believe that our focus on our health and our self care and our community care and allowance of rest is what gives us the strength and the creativity to do the work we’re putting out in the world.” 

I found Amy because we started following each other on Instagram. I ended up joining her Patreon and doing a breathwork circle with her (which we talk about in this episode) and it was incredibly powerful. So I’m really excited to share this episode with you!

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Decolonizing her healing practice

  • Advice for holding supportive space for people 

  • The #1 key for her to hold space for others as someone who is facilitating healing 

  • What my personal breathwork practice looks like 

  • Resistance that can come up with breathwork

  • The power of breathwork for both of us 

  • Why she doesn’t connect with Reiki 

  • The importance of choosing the right teacher in this work 

  • Connecting with tarot archetypes and embodying them with breathwork 

  • Her current tarot teacher, the Hermit

  • How she relates to Leo energy as a Leo sun 

“I think one of the things breathwork does better than anything else is it allows us to connect with higher sources. So whether its our higher self or its an ancestor or a spirit guide or an angel or whatever, really forming connections with non earthly folx.”

“It’s inevitable that we take on some of [other people’s] stuff. Because we’re human! If it didn’t affect us at all we’d be robots.” 

Connect with Amy on her Instagram, Health Fuels Hustle podcast, and Patreon. Check out her site and sign up for her free 7 day breathwork challenge!

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