Ep. #115: Witchcraft as a Way of Re-Enchanting the World with Amanda Yates Garcia, the Oracle of LA

Image by Sarah Morhaim, 2019

Image by Sarah Morhaim, 2019

“The work of the witch right now is about re-enchanting the world, making the world sacred again.”

Amanda Yates Garcia is an oracle and a witch. She co-hosts the Strange Magic podcast and you may know her as the Oracle of LA! I love Amanda’s work & listening to Strange Magic so I was really excited to have her on the show.

“I see witchcraft very much as something that is of the Earth, that is of the material world. It’s a spirituality for people who are embodied and want to be embodied… we’re not looking for something that exists outside of us like the man sitting in the cloud or something that transcends material reality but something that is of and comes from and is a part of the world we live in.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How she came into witchcraft and magick 

  • Being brought up in witchcraft 

  • The beautiful thing I experienced from being raised in a religious home

  • What it means to her to be a witch & practice witchcraft

  • Our practices

  • Connecting with your power through witchcraft

  • Being in community with each other in an individualistic society 

  • Power with instead of power over 

  • What I found missing in yoga communities and have found in witchcraft communities

  • Holding space for the difficult and the easy 

  • My experience with good/bad light/dark binary in Christianity growing up

  • Sin, anger, etc. in witchcraft

  • The role of the arts in witchcraft

  • Cultural appropriation in witchcraft 

  • Creating traditions specific to the place you’re living in 

  • The power of symbols in our practice, and more! 

“I see [witchcraft] as something that is really about liberation for all beings.”