Ep. #69: The Queen of Swords, Boundaries, Protection, and Finding Your Voice

Queen of Swords tarot archetype

The Queen of Swords is water and air, our ally for the sacred work of finding your voice, being seen, saying no, setting boundaries, speaking up, & speaking your truth. She helps us look at the blockages and shadows underneath our struggles with voice and boundaries (because there's always something underneath.)

The Queen of Swords has been showing up as a big teacher for me this year, and you can read a little about that in this Instagram post

In this episode of the Living Open podcast, I'm sharing a little tarot spread excerpted from my Queen of Swords Embodied Tarot Yoga class, which is officially available today on my website here and on Patreon here.

I also share some boundaries & protection magick that followers of my Instagram shared with me, plus practices I use to set energetic boundaries & protect myself when doing healing work and holding space.

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