Ep. #63: Spirit Guide Coach Aja Daashuur on Communicating with Your Spirit Guides and Embracing Your Magic

Spirit Guide Coach Aja Daashuur

“I feel like so many of us have been reborn in this time because it’s finally like yeah, we’re fucking magic and there's nothing you can do about it and I’m going to celebrate it. And I’m going to support the sister to my left and the sister to my right and we’re gonna hold each other up and we’re gonna bring it all out and either you’re along for the ride or you’re not and I’m not gonna apologize anymore for being magic.”

This week, spirit guide coach, medium, founder of Spirit House Collective Aja Daashuur joins Living Open to talk about communicating with your spirit guides and embracing your magic.

“Your spirit guides are always there. You’re never alone. Even when you’re at your lowest.”

My friend Grace Duong, who I also interviewed for this podcast here, introduced us and I'm SO glad she did. Aja is just full of magic and powerful feminine energy. She does spirit guide life coaching where she creates a bridge between you and your guides and helps you connect to your highest self. I have a session booked with her for the end of August and I can't wait! 

“Spirituality for me entails following your truth and your journey and sometimes you have to rediscover what those even are.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her intense psychic awakening journey
  • Outgrowing and shifting friendships
  • Creating community
  • How she started to work with the different clairs
  • Fear of being judged for her path
  • Her story of going through dark depression
  • What spirit guides are and her experience with them
  • How to start connecting with your guides
  • Boundaries and protection for psychic work
  • Her experiences with the Akashic Records (and also, what the records are)
  • How she connects with her feminine energy, and more!

“Once one clair opens up to you, the others start to come in. It’s about, are you going to focus on those clairs to really strengthen them or are you going to just allow the flow to happen really naturally?”

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