Ep. #61: Clairvoyant Tarot Reader and Artist Mary Grisey on Tarot as a Bridge Between Spirit and You, Creating Channeled Art, and Developing Her Psychic Abilities

Mary Grisey clairvoyant tarot reader and textile artist

This week, clairvoyant tarot reader and visual artist Mary Grisey joins Living Open to talk about mediumship, tarot, and creating channeled art.

She is such a multifaceted human being with a wide variety of magical and artistic interests, and that's definitely reflected in this conversation. 

“You have this bridge between spirit and you and it's this tangible tool that you can hold and touch and look at and I think that it’s…something that you can get comfortable with in this physical reality.” 

To be honest, she is just the coolest. We had such a fun, fascinating conversation about:

IMG_3296 (2).jpg
  • Her journey of stepping into her psychic abilities
  • Communicating with her guides
  • Marrying art with witchcraft & spirituality
  • Being a student and teacher of the tarot
  • What working with the 4 different clairs looks like for her
  • Connecting with and strengthening her psychic abilities
  • Past life work (and she shares about one of her past lives)
  • How her art has evolved and what her process is for creating it 
  • Our astrological signs 

“It’s funny how resistant I was because I wanted to do the logical thing. Nothing about this work is logical.”

“It’s a really healing experience to understand what your soul has been through to then step to the next level of expansion in this present life.” 

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