Ep. #55: Folk Tarot Reader & Witch Tess Giberson on Magic as Your Birthright and Reading Tarot Through a Genderqueer Lens

Photo by Chelsea Felker. IG: @simplychelsetta

Photo by Chelsea Felker. IG: @simplychelsetta

“Something that I’m big on is showing what it’s like to be in process rather than being like ‘this is the finished picture.’” 

City Witch Tess Giberson is an incredible folk tarot reader and magical human. They joined Living Open to talk about how they take the gender binaries out of tarot, the work they're doing around setting boundaries, how they developed their own interpretations of the tarot, how they use tarot for mental health, their work with ancestral healing, tarot as a tool for the people, their ideas about magic as birthright, and more!

“Everything that makes my tarot readings and gives them the life and depth and flavor has come from my own personal experiences and how I use tarot on a personal level and being able to translate that into the advice and wisdom I can offer.”

Yeah, this convo is basically fucking amazing and Tess gets so vulnerable and you definitely don't want to miss it! We talk about:

  • The raw, honest story of how Tess started reading tarot as a job
  • What they're working through with regards to boundaries and protecting their energy
  • How they set boundaries in their tarot practice
  • The struggle with having to work within capitalism -- wanting to make tarot accessible but also needing to eat
  •  Destigmatizing the idea of tarot as a treat 
  • How they read tarot through a non-binary lens & dismantle binaries within cards like the Empress and the court cards
  • How they developed their own tarot interpretations
  • How they use tarot for mental health
  • The importance of naming lineage in evolving ideas 
  • Consent and the tarot 
  • What "magic is your birthright" means to them
  • Tarot as a tool for the people!
  • The card they're in the energy of right now, and more!

“Tarot cards aren’t things that happen to us, but an invitation for me to evolve.” 

Tess is truly amazing and this is such an inspiring conversation. Listen above on SoundCloud, here on iTunes, here on Stitcher, or search "Living Open" on Spotify! And make sure you follow Tess on Instagram and check out their website

“Internally it kind of brought up how do we honor tradition, in a way that doesn’t prevent tarot for being a tool for the people. Where do we draw the line between honoring tradition and gatekeeping?"