Ep. #57: Creator of the Many Moons Workbooks, Artist, and Tarot Reader Sarah Faith Gottesdiener on Embodying the Tarot and Creating Magick with the Moon

Sarah Faith Gottesdiener Modern Women Many Moons

“The other sort of mission statement of the workbooks I write is I really really really want to offer people tools as well as empower them to listen to, name, and trust their own intuition. Because we really aren’t encouraged or taught to listen to ourselves particularly if we’re doing something that goes again the grain of society or it’s different than maybe what our friends and family members are doing.” 

I’m so excited to share this interview with an amazing human, someone I have been wanting to interview for a long time, Sarah Faith Gottesdiener. You probably know her as the creator of Many Moons, the amazing workbooks she has written for the last 3 years. She’s also an artist, designer, tarot reader, writer, and to me just an incredible example of multi-passionate human being who is making magic, serving the collective, and making the world a better place.

“The moon is this incredible mirror for our different states of being.”

Honestly, I had a hard time titling this episode because it was just such an expansive conversation and I don’t think it fits super easily into a bite-sized title. So I did my best. Just trust me that this episode rocks.

“We can look at an issue of our life through a whole phase of the moon…we could do work around abundance and scarcity around a whole moon cycle, we can do work around self-love around a whole moon cycle, we can do work around strengthening our intuition around a whole moon cycle.”

In this conversation, we talk about:

Sarah Faith Gottesdiener, Modern Women, Many Moons Workbooks
  • Why she does what she does in the world
  • How she found the tarot & started working with the phases of the moon
  • How to work with moon magick holistically
  • The journey of the Major Arcana
  • Her super interesting & unique interpretation of the Devil card
  • Integrating shadow 
  • Really embodying the tarot
  • How she uses the tarot as a tool in her life 

And so much more! She also has generously offered Living Open listeners a special code to get 10% off at her online store! So if you haven't gotten her July-Dec edition of Many Moons, you can grab your copy here with the code MOON until July 25th for 10% off. 

Sarah is so incredible and this is such an inspiring conversation. Listen above on SoundCloud, here on iTuneshere on Stitcher, or search "Living Open" on Spotify!

And make sure you get your copy of Many Moons! You can also sign up for her newsletter (highly recommend!) and get a tarot reading with her.