Ep. #51: Crystal Resonance Therapists Christel Alberez and Nerissa Alberts on Intuitive Crystal Healing

Intuitive crystal healers

“When you work with stones, inevitably they’re just going to bring things up to the surface and open up these doorways in you and it's really up to you whether you want to go down that path and see what’s in there.” -Christel

This week, the amazing Philly-based crystal resonance therapists Christel Alberez and Nerissa Alberts join the podcast to talk about intuitive crystal healing.

“When crystals call to you, that’s when it’s time to work with them.” - Nerissa

I was lucky to attend their mind-blowing intuitive crystal work workshop at The Reiki School in Philly earlier this year and afterward I was like, I need these humans on my podcast!! 

“Our whole premise in working with crystals is to really align with them consciously.” -Christel 

On this episode, they share their journeys with crystals and spirituality. They talk about how crystals bring things up to work on with shadow work, how to start to intuitively connect and work and play with your stones, why crystals are powerful healing tools, how they work with crystals in ritual and their daily lives, and more. 

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