What I've Been Loving This Month

Hi angels! Writing this on a slow Saturday morning before going to teach my regular 11 am yoga class. I wanted to share with you some things I've been reading, listening to, buying, and doing lately- enjoy! 


Alexandra Roxo's Holy Fuck column. If you don't read her column for the Numinous, you are seriously missing out. I'm obsessed. This one is my all-time fave (even though it's the Valentine's Day edition, it's still relevant now). #5: see the whole world as your soulmate-- amazing.

Feng Shui. I was talking with an amazing feng shui consultant I met the other day and it's so cool! She talked about the different corners of your home and bedroom representing different areas of your life and how you can create more flow and energy in your life by feng shui-ing your space-- like putting a tall, soft plant in the wealth corner or a rose quartz in the love corner. 

78 Degrees of WisdomIf you're a tarot nerd like me, buy this book it's so good!!! I'm nerding out so hard over the tarot theory and she is just so wise. 

Ways to protect your energy and set energetic boundariesI've been thinking a lot about this for myself and asked for advice on IG. Of course, you delivered, and there is a treasure trove of boundary wisdom in the comments of this Instagram post.


Intuitive Astrology 101 with Danielle Paige. This is an episode of Sahara Rose's Highest Self podcast and it's so good! They talk all about soul-centered intuitive astrology, different aspects of the birth chart, how you can tell if two people are compatible from their birth chart, twin flames, and lots more. I'm in the midst of a full on astro obsession so I am seriously DEVOURING astro knowledge.

Cosmic CousinsSpeaking of astrology, every week I'm looking forward to a new episode of Cosmic Cousins from Jeff Hinshaw. He has such a beautiful energy and does fun things like interviewing a panel of Tauruses about what it's like to be a Taurus and going deep into what the different signs mean.

Tarot for the Wild Soul. This is Lindsay Mack's tarot podcast, and I just love it. I've been loving it for months, actually, but whatever I've never done one of these posts so I'm including it. I especially love the Q&A episodes with Mystical Mandrake Root and the court card lesson episodes. 


Somo toothbrush. I'm trying to reduce waste in my life as much as possible, so when I needed a new toothbrush last week I opted for these zero waste bamboo ones. Did you know that regular plastic toothbrushes can get stuck in turtle's necks and kill them? Yeah :( 

Birkenstocks. I'm so late to the game, I know, but I just got my first pair of vegan Birkenstocks and goddamn they are comfy.

Snowflake Obsidian Moon necklace. Just ordered this amazing necklace from Zenned Out and I am so excited! I've been wanting to get some protective crystal jewelry to wear when I'm doing energy work: teaching yoga, giving reiki, reading tarot, etc. and snowflake obsidian is perfect for that. 

PastTense Essential Oil BlendThis stuff is literally magic if you have tight shoulders/upper back like me. It's basically like an all-natural icy hot and it feels incredible. Kinda obsessed.


SimbiThe anti-capitalist trade-based platform I've been looking for. Heads up: they do have a problematic use of the word tribe. But other than that, I really love this platform. I'm trading a reiki session for a photo shoot here in Philly next weekend, and a 30-minute call about how to go vegan for an Akashic Records reading over Skype next week. 

Slow mornings. I'm so guilty of rushing, rushing, rushing, waking up and getting to work right away (work from home probs). When I was in Puerto Rico with my friends, I realized how much I was missing slow mornings-- we would wake up and take two hours just to talk and eat breakfast before we went out and did anything. So lately I've been waking up a little earlier, taking it slow. Giving myself reiki in bed. Making my morning smoothie while listening to a podcast. Slooooowing it down.

Rutilated quartz. I've been using this when I read tarot for people and it's been such a beautiful opener for my crown chakra. If you don't have a piece, highly recommend picking one up!

Creative visualization meditation. Gabby Bernstein has an amazing creative visualization meditation that I've been doing for the past 5 days and guys-- it's seriously working. This week I have been a magnet for manifesting and I am so not stopping now. You don't have to download hers- but try spending just 10 minutes a day meditation on what you desire. I've been known to do this erratically but doing it consistently every day? Game changer.