Ep. #53: Founder of Yoga Foster Nicole Cardoza on Bringing Yoga into Schools and Making Yoga More Diverse and Accessible

Nicole Cardoza Yoga Foster

“If we don’t have a diverse and accessible practice for everybody, we can’t do the work we aim to achieve.” 

In this episode, Founder and Executive Director of Yoga Foster Nicole Cardoza joins Living Open to talk about bringing yoga and mindfulness into schools and making yoga more diverse and accessible.

“Considering that I am a woman of color running a national non-profit and I don’t feel safe when I walk into some yoga studios or I don’t feel seen with the brands my non-profit works with, I’m always coming right up on this tension point of ‘Do I even belong in this space that I’m leading in?’” 

Yoga Foster is a non-profit that works to make wellness elementary, and in this episode we talk about:

  • The story of how she came to yoga and started Yoga Foster
  • How she has seen schools and communities change from these practices
  • Cultivating compassion and trauma consciousness in the Yoga Foster trainings and her own practice
  • Competition in the yoga and business of yoga space
  • What her personal yoga and mindfulness practice looks like today
  • How we can make yoga spaces more diverse and accessible to all people
  • Her thoughts on purpose and advice on how to find it
  • The role of intuition in her life and how it affects how she runs Yoga Foster, and more!

“Our country right now, collectively, is in a space of waking up. And I think that is happening on a macro level everywhere and also on a micro level in the yoga industry. So I think we have to remember that our work here in standing up for people and making it a safe space in yoga changes the fabric of our society and vice versa as the fabric of our society starts shifting it’s going to shift our practice. And it should shift our practice.” 

“I always try to listen to where I’m growing.” 

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I am so inspired by Nicole’s commitment to changing the world by sharing these tools with children around the US. It only costs $20 to bring yoga to a child for an entire school year, so if you feel called to donate please do on Yoga Foster's website! You can also follow along with Yoga Foster and Nicole on Yoga Foster's Instagram and her personal Instagram