Ep. #49: Creator of Mystic Mondays Tarot Grace Duong On Realizing That You Have Your Own Magic

Tarot Reader Grace Duong, Creator of Mystic Mondays modern tarot

“Life is a mirror. Your internal world is reflected in your external world.”

This week artist, tarot reader, and creator of the Mystic Mondays tarot deck Grace Duong joins Living Open to talk about her incredible art, her healing and spiritual journey, the role of art and mysticism in the modern world, becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable, and more.

“It’s a way for you to practice getting to know yourself and your own intuition better.”

We talk about how she created the tarot cards she always wanted, finding the answers inside herself, and how she realized she had her own magic and the power to create it on a daily basis (and so do you!).

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