Ep. #45: Krystal Banner of Kaleidadope Tarot on Connecting with the Flow of the Universe Through Tarot and Creating a Diverse, Modern Tarot Deck

Artist and Creator of Kaleidadope Tarot Krystal Banner

“The wheel is always turning…it’s almost like we just follow this path and we have to trust that things are happening as they’re meant to happen and just extract the lessons.” 

Krystal has always been an artist. She loved art as a kid but like so many of us, she was taught that art wasn’t a career. So at some point as she grew up she brushed it aside and connected with her more logical side, becoming an engineer. 

“Art was always this thing that came back. It always came back in my life.”

Major arcana tarot cards Kaleidadope tarot

She came back to art, and everything changed when she discovered digital art. It became an avenue for her to be able to travel (which she did a lot for her job) and still be creative.

“To be able to appreciate and see diversity I think is the ability to appreciate the world we live in and be able to interact a lot more freely in the world we live in.”  

One thing led to another and once she discovered tarot, she was hooked. The only problem was that the imagery was antiquated and she couldn’t find a deck that looked like her and her modern life (aka we're not riding chariots anymore, people).

“I started buying all these decks and I realized there was no one that looks like me….I can’t really see myself in it. Like I can see myself in the experiences, but on these cards…you see all these people that don’t look like you and it’s like wow it doesn’t really represent me.”

So she decided to create it, and Kaleidadope Tarot was born.

Major Arcana tarot cards of Krystal Banner's Kaleidadope Tarot

“I think the Universe will put us in situations consistently until we learn our lessons.” 

In this episode, we talk about…

Krystal Banner Kaleidadope Tarot
  • The beauty of the fool's journey and the spiralic nature of the tarot
  • How art can be elitist and inaccessible 
  • How tarot and creating a tarot deck changed her life
  • Her inspiration behind Kaleidadope Tarot
  • The surprising first card she designed 
  • Inclusivity and accessibility in tarot 
  • How to overcome fear especially as an artist
  • The importance of surrendering to the path, and more.

“It was almost like the universe was saying, do this because this is what you can add. This is your gift. This is something that is necessary. It was almost like a responsibility.” 

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