Ep. #42: Founder of Ritual in a Jar Allison Norman on the Importance of Ritual and Using Magic to Connect Women to Their Power

Ritual in a Jar Allison Norman

“It’s GOOD. You were born with this power. It’s in you. It is not evil. It is all about your intention.”

This episode with Allison Norman, the founder of Ritual in a Jar, is so much FUN. If you love ritual and magic and hate the patriarchy, then this is the episode for you.

“You’ve done the work and you’ve done all the things you can logically do in this physical dimension. But there’s energy that can also be worked with….and I think it’s just really beautiful and it’s a way women can find their power that has been stamped out by the patriarchy.” 

Allison was born and raised in Houston, TX surrounded by Christian Baptists (which I can definitely relate to) and started to doing seances at church camp. She was always drawn to spellwork and magic, and started getting much more into it when she went to college in New Orleans. 

“Why would [earth magic] be bad? We live on the earth!”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The role of patriarchy in magic, witchcraft, and yoga 
  • How to use magic to connect to your power
  • Why ritual is so important
  • How she uses ritual to anchor her
  • Creating Ritual in a Jar
  • How she connects with her inner guidance
  • How her magic influences how she does business
  • The importance of self-care, and more!

“People are hungry for something other than what’s being offered. They want to access their own power."

Listen to this episode on iTunes, Spotify (just search Living Open), or above on SoundCloud. If you love this episode, check out Ritual in a Jar and use the code RITUALAWAY for 15% off! Definitely follow Allison on Instagram too at @ritualinajar.