Ep. #44: Moon Club Leader, Mentor, & Storyteller Alexandra Roxo on Expansion, Using Pleasure to Heal the World, and Loving Bigger than Fear

Alexandra Roxo, leader of Moon Club

“If we don’t start by standing up in our own homes, in our own relationships, in our own communities, by choosing community by choosing love over fear over money over capitalism. If we don’t do that in our own lives, then the planet won’t shift on a greater whole. And if you think about the feminine energy, feminine energy is the creator and destroyer, is the mother, is the huntress, like there are so many different archetypes within feminine energy and so we’re not talking about just all “love and light.””  

Alexandra Roxo is the leader of Moon Club, a mentor, a storyteller, a healer, and a speaker. If you don't know who she is already, I'm so excited that I get to introduce her to you! 

“You see that your whole life is your journey. That every moment, everything you do, is your path. And your spirit and your spiritual journey is inextricably linked to EVERYTHING. You cannot compartmentalize your spirituality…you cannot remove your spirit. It’s like removing your essence from everything you do.” 

A lot of things have changed for Alexandra since she was a 19-year old feminist baby witch in New York straight out of Georgia, but one thing hasn't: her mission to help women come home to themselves and align them with their power.

Over the years, she has told women's stories through photographs and film, asking: where is the feminine in the world? Where is the feminine in spirituality, and religion, and government? 

She started meditating when she was 19, and as she began to study yoga and Hindu/Vedic traditions, she continued to ask: where in spirituality are the women? 

So she started to explore paganism and witchcraft, and returned to Earth-based and Goddess spirituality. She dove into Goddess traditions, got Motherpeace tarot cards, and explored why the feminine had been cut out of spirituality, and why women's voices and sexualities had been curated and suppressed and oppressed around the world for many years.

One of my favorite parts of this conversation is when she shares her thoughts on expansion and openness. She talks about the importance of doing your own deep healing work, both for yourself and to heal the world, and says that your joy only goes as deep as your sorrow has gone. Your sorrow carves the well for your joy. 

“If you haven’t felt the depth of your sorrow, you cannot feel the height of ecstasy. And most people are unwilling to feel the depth of their sorrow and therefore will not feel the height of their ecstasy.” 

Ugh. So good!! 

In this episode, Alexandra talks about...

  • Returning to feminine energy 
  • Her vision for a collective shift from "me" to "we"
  • How to love bigger than fear
  • Creating more pleasure in your life 
  • How to be constantly expanding and opening
  • Seeing your whole life as your journey
  • Carving the well for your joy
  • Bringing magic and ritual into your day every day
  • The power of living with the moon, and more.

“Let’s not wait until we retire to have fun. Let’s really make sure that every moment we are really breathing and stopping and pausing and we’re tasting our food and we’re listening to music and we’re opening our hearts and we’re crying and we’re connecting. And then when we’re not, that we take a moment and we pause and we say, ‘wow, where I am not really connecting? Where am I becoming a bit of a numbed out zombie?” 

Listen to this episode to get inspired to expand, move beyond fear, do deep work on yourself, and heal yourself to heal the world.

“The minute that you go all the way into the depth of your own pain, and your family’s pain, and that suffering and you’re not afraid of it and you look at it and feel it then all of a sudden you can understand the world better.”

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