Ep. #44: Yoga Teacher Kassandra Reinhardt on Lunar Yoga and Yin Yoga as Shadow Work

Yoga with Kassandra lunar yoga yin yoga vinyasa yoga

This week, yin and vinyasa yoga teacher Kassandra Reinhardt of Yoga with Kassandra joins Living Open to talk about lunar yoga and yin yoga as shadow work.

I was super excited for this interview because I love doing Kassandra's yin yoga videos. Obviously, I teach yoga but I love doing other classes and videos in my own practice. I love lighting candles, getting my blocks and blanket and getting cozy, and putting on one of her yin videos.

“When I move on my mat…once I start to relieve tension in my physical body it becomes a lot easier for me to relieve tension in the emotional body and to really uncover the internal dialogue that’s going on in my mind. What is the unresolved pain here? What are the shadow parts of myself that I’m repressing or denying?”

We talk about her yoga journey, yoga as therapy to move into the subtle and emotional layers of the body, connecting with the moon phases through yoga, the power of intention setting, the surprising & fascinating way she uses yin yoga and affirmations for shadow work, and more. 

“Intentions are for the soul. Your soul is always growing always evolving always present.” 

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