Ep. #40: The Modern Money Witch Lara Rose Duong on Weaving Spirituality with Money Honey, Using Ritual for Abundance, and the Energetics of Money

Lara Rose Duong the Modern Money Witch

“Allow yourself to fully immerse into what you really actually care about.”

In this episode, I talk with modern money witch Lara Rose Duong on weaving spirituality with money honey, using ritual for abundance, and the energetics of money. 

“For me, money is a form of energy. It’s a form of love. It nourishes my life, it nourishes the people around me, and it creates a lot of amazing opportunities in my life so how I weave it into my spirituality is that I am not afraid to put money on my altar. Physically and mentally.”

Lara worked in corporate finance for a long time, but her mystical side was always there since childhood. She incorporated her spiritual practices into money for herself and her clients behind-the-scenes in her corporate life, but today she is fully out of the witchy closet and helps her clients manifest the abundance they desire as the Modern Money Witch.  

She has found that people, including her clients, are terrified of talking about money, and we love to talk about in terms of lack. As in, "I can't afford that," "I'm so broke," "I don't have any money," etc. 

“The more we give love into the world the more that money honey comes back into our lives in different ways…we get nourished on so many different levels.”

Lara Rose Duong the Modern Money Witch the Numinous Spiritual Abundance

In this episode, we talk about...

  • What weaving spirituality with money looks like for her and for others

  • The energetics of money and why it's easier to talk about lack than abundance

  • Her own limiting beliefs with money she’s moved through

  • How to identify your I Am desires to create the life you want 

  • How to connect to your intuition to figure out what you really want, and to create abundance rituals based on what resonates with you 

  • How to flip the money script by changing how you think about "income" and "expenses"

  • What being a witch means to her 

  • Giving money value and purpose in life

  • Voting with your money for your "I Am" desires 

  • How what breaks your heart is often your biggest teacher 

  • The important question she invites you to ask when it comes to money, and so much more! 

“The moments that make up your life and mean the most to you are experiences that enrich you. It’s not how much money you make or how high are your grades. It’s what are the connections in your life that really lit you up? What are the best relationships you could have in your life? What are the best experiences you could have in your life? And go for it.”

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