Witch and Tarot Card Reader Jessi Huntenburg on How to Get Started with Shadow Work

Witch and tarot card reader Jessi Huntenburg on how to get started with shadow work

In this episode Jessi Huntenburg, a Philly-based witch, tarot card reader, and shadow work expert shares the importance of shadow work, why it can change your life, and exactly how to get started with it.

I met her when I attended her Shadow Work workshop at Ritual Ritual in Philly, and I can honestly say she is incredible. So genuine and authentic, and so knowledgeable about shadow work and tarot. 

What is shadow, and what is shadow work? 

According to Jessi, shadow is the aspects of your personality, of who you are, that are hidden in your subconscious. Things like desires, shame and compulsions that you've stuffed down because you don’t like these aspects of yourself, because they're societally taboo, or because they’re just so painful that you can’t walk around with them.

So what is shadow work? It's the process of shining a light on those aspects, of getting in touch with subconscious so you can bring awareness to why you behave the way you do, why you’re afraid of what you're afraid of and ashamed of what you’re ashamed of, and why you deny these aspects of your personality expression within yourself.

The goal of shadow work is to bring these aspects into the light to integrate, respond, and become aware of them.

When they're hidden, they come out whether we want them to or not especially during times of conflict or stress. Shadow work helps you learn what your triggers are and how shadows are affecting your interpersonal relationships and life.

“It can be difficult, it can be really challenging. It’s a beautiful opportunity even though you’re feeling so intensely to learn something about yourself.”

Yeah. So this is some real heavy stuff, and it can be really daunting. That's why Jessi goes in depth about why shadow work is important, how it can change your life, and exactly how to get started with shadow work-- because ALL of us have a shadow side. 

“I find that first the shadow work journey is about what’s happened to you…you were the one acted upon. And then slowly but surely, it transitions to a space where you realize that you are also someone’s shadow.” 

Jessi, a practicing witch, also talks about how she went from a Catholic upbringing to atheism to spirituality and witchcraft, what witchcraft and being a witch means to her (spoiler alert: it's not about worshipping "the devil"), creating a fulfilling career as an entrepreneur, and so much more.

“I think this is one of the things I love about woo spirituality. Whether or not this is real, objectively, doesn’t really matter. The fact that it’s real to people and that people exist and their thoughts exist makes it real.” 

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