Third Eye Chakra Opening Yoga Flow + Crystals

Inspired by last week's podcast episode with tarot card reader Kathleen Callahan, I decided to teach a live 25-minute third eye chakra opening yoga flow with crystals and essential oils on Facebook. 

Why open your third eye chakra and why is this relevant to Kathleen's episode? 

Great question! 

Your third eye, or ajna, chakra is all about intuition and trusting your inner guidance.

Similarly, tarot and the other spiritual practices we talk about including astrology, crystals, and herbalism are all about connecting with your intuition. If you missed that episode, check it out here

That's why we use the Kundalini mantra Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo in this short class. It means I bow to the wisdom of the Universe, I bow to the teacher within.

I use this mantra before doing intuitive work: meditating, pulling tarot or oracle cards, or doing a reiki self-healing. 

We also use Aum (or Om), the sound of the Universe, in this class. Aum is the bija, or seed, mantra associated with this chakra and can help you open it. 

Any third eye crystals will go well with this class: there are so many, but some good ones are clear quartz, an amazing energy amplifier, labradorite for self-discovery & intuition, and amethyst, a classic third-eye opener. 

The poses in this class focus on opening the energy channel between your head and your heart-- so there's a lot of shoulder opening! We also put pressure on the third eye with poses like child's pose and do some forward folding to send energy to the third eye.

Check the class out above or click here and make sure you like & subscribe to see more videos! 

How to connect to your intuition


Obsessed with connecting to your intuition? Me, too! I created this guide (pictured left) to connecting to your intuition based on interviews with the many incredible seekers, artists, travelers, witches, yogis, teachers, healers, and entrepreneurs who have been on the Living Open podcast. 

Download the Living Open guide to connecting to your intuition here.