Ellysa Evans on Finding Your Pace and Other Lessons Learned from the Trail

Female solo traveler podcast interview

Ellysa Evans is a soft-hearted, ultra curious, wildly ambitious introvert and empath. She is the face behind Grace and Gravity, and I found her through this incredible essay on She Explores.

"It hit me this morning that everything I'm surrounded by right now are things that I chose...I love that feeling, that richness. I think that really makes me feel alive, when you realize that what you have surrounded yourself with are things that you really care about and that you really love so much. It gives you a kind of freedom." 

Ellysa got her first taste of adventure last spring on a trip to British Columbia. A month later, she took her first solo backpacking trip. In this episode, she speaks to that feeling of just restlessness and impatience, no matter how much you love what you do, just the monotony of going to work every single day and doing the same kinds of things.

Can anyone else relate?

Oof. This episode is forever one of my favorites, because Ellysa just really hits to the core of so many things that I also feel, and I think lots of other people feel, too. 

All of her life she's been a huge perfectionist, always having a solid idea of where she wanted to be and what she wanted to do and when all of those things were going to happen. That ended for her once she got her degree and a really good job and it just hit her-- "whoa, what's next?"

That's not to say that there isn't a huge amount of fear around knowing you love a job and a career so much but letting it go because there are just other things you need to do.

But you do it in spite of the fear. Or maybe you do it because of the fear. But either way you do it. For Ellysa, that meant taking a grand adventure. Not having a permanent address. Her first solo backcountry hiking trip. Allowing herself to be in that fear, welcome it, live with it, use it to push her and drive her. 

"I think I’ve also learned that major things like love, you know, true love isn’t necessarily found in a person the same way that home doesn’t have to be found in a house, and realizing that those things can be the opposite, you know? You can find home in a person or a love in a place. You just have to feel those things and be okay with that, and taking the time out to do that and to do the things that you love and really connect with yourself. I think that’s where you just naturally find intuition, that’s it."

ther lessons learned from the trail?

The importance of being alone, and the difference between loneliness and being alone.  

 How to allow yourself to feel your feelings.

Taking moments to stop and realize where you are and how far you've come.

How to find your pace...on the trail and in life. 

Our cultural obsession with busyness...is so silly. 

Allowing yourself to flow and change and evolve and grow.

And of course...how to live openly. 

"You have to look for those opportunities and listen to those opportunities and I guess this comes back to intuition and just being able to trust that this thing came to you at a certain time because you were meant to have it at that time…and whatever it is, whether it’s good or bad, it’s going to be important and it’s gonna make who you are…who you are!" 

 This is just a tiny teaser of all the goodness of this episode. We dive deep into fear, intuition, creativity, being okay with what you're feeling, how Ellysa found exactly what she needed in nature, stepping outside your comfort zone, trusting the journey, more lessons learned from the trail, and how to be exactly where you are, with a powerful sense of vulnerability and authenticity.  

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To your journey, with love.