Homecoming: A Breathwork Series



ERYN JOHNSON / philadelphia breathwork / fishtown breathwork

Breathwork is an active emotional healing technique where you truly become your own healer.

Breathwork is medicine: it brings you out of your head and into the wisdom of your body.

I have had some of the deepest healing experiences of my life with breathwork. I have cried ancient tears, I’ve met spirit guides, I’ve reconnected with my power. I’ve cracked open layers of my heart to ORGASMIC love, the deepest unconditional love i have ever experienced. I’ve cleared trauma, I’ve released rage, I’ve connected to my primal energy, my wildness. I’ve heard my inner voice so clearly, the clearest it’s ever been.

Ultimately, breathwork helps you release all that you are not so you can be free to be who you are.

All the stories that keep you small. The collection of trauma, fear, and shame that you hold in the cells of your body. Stuck emotions - anger, grief, loneliness, and more - that you never felt safe to feel.

This experience is a four-class group breathwork series that will help you become more of who you are by releasing old stories and patterns, unfelt feelings, and stuck energy from your body.

Each two-hour class will have a different focus:

  • Class 1: Finding your voice

  • Class 2: Reclaiming pleasure & liberating desire

  • Class 3: Opening the intuitive channel & cultivating self-trust

  • Class 4: Connecting to your power

Through this experience, you will:

  • Release wounds and stories around your authentic expression

  • Reclaim pleasure as your birthright

  • Open your connection to your intuition and learn to trust yourself

  • Embody your power through embodying all parts of yourself

You will walk away changed - more you. More free. More firmly rooted in your power.

This round of the experience starts on October 28th at Mama’s Wellness Joint. Click below for the list of dates and times, and to register to join.

Working with Eryn for the past three months has been transformative, enlightening, and empowering. The powerful results I felt after breathwork, Reiki, and tarot reading sessions with her show how much care and energy she puts into the time you share with her. I always walked away from our meetings with a new breakthrough of some kind. She held space for me that I so desperately needed in order to heal on a deeper level.

This is for you if you:

  • Are brand new to breathwork or have a lot of experience with breathwork - all levels of breathwork experience are welcome!

  • Are tired of feeling like you need to look outside of yourself, rather than inside yourself, for healing

  • Are willing to open, get weird, and be vulnerable

This isn’t for you if you:

  • Are looking for a “love and light” approach

  • Want a quick fix or are looking for someone to “heal you”

  • Feel like you need a one-on-one level of support

This is not another online course or class you’ll buy but won’t do - this is a healing experience in a deep, intimate, in-person container. If you’ve been working with your healing on a very mental level - working with your thoughts, your mental blocks, the tarot, etc. - and wondering why you’re not healing some of the deep wounds, breathwork may be the missing piece you’re looking for that goes deeper than the mental level into the emotions and energy living in your BODY.

You will walk away changed - more you. More free. More firmly rooted in your power and a deep love for who you are.

With breathwork I could feel powerfully shifting the energy in my body, but afterwards I felt cleansed and relaxed. It was probably the best spiritual healing experience I’ve had.
— zack shay


Each group session will take place in Philadelphia at Mama’s Wellness Joint.

If you are ready to find your voice, reclaim pleasure as your birthright, heal your inherited trauma, and embody the full expression of your power, please join us for this breathwork series. Click here to register.

[Breathwork] has been the most effective form of emotional healing I’ve ever experienced, and I’m so grateful to have this practice in my life now. If you’re curious about it, I’d wholeheartedly recommend the healer I worked with, the lovely, gentle, powerful, Eryn. The safe space she creates for self-exploration and release has changed my life forever. A big big thank you to her, from my deepest depths…which I now have clearer access to.
— homecoming series student


Will we be doing breathwork for two hours? No! Our two hours together will encompass breathwork, of course, but they will also include sharing & storytelling and whatever else the group needs - which could be cards, Reiki, partner work, etc.

I’ve never done breathwork before. Can I still join? Yes! Beginners, as well as those with an established connection with breathwork, are welcome. I’ll explain everything you need to know.